Jompy water boiler – Low Carbon Economy

The Jompy is an innovative, environment-friendly, fuel-efficient waterboiler. It can be used over any open flame and de-contaminates the water as it passes through.



• Simple use and operate • Reduces in natural resources required • Reduction in time spent over a fire, reducing the effects of smoke inhalation • Extremely cost-effective • Less time required looking for firewood • Can do two tasks at the same time – cook and heat water • Reduced smoke – reduced respiratory and eye problems • Flames from the fire are trapped under the device and pot, therefore less risk of clothes catching fire • Proven to kill bacteria • Reduces water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and diarrhoea

And no maintenance, moving or replacement parts.



The flat disk shape of the Jompy when placed on your stove or open fire allows you to put your cooking kit, saucepans on top of it, thus cooking food and heating water simultaneously saving fuel, time, energy and equipment.




The Jompy heats up so fast that it means you will use 60% less gas than if boiling water in a saucepan. So saving time and money for you to do what you want to.



We at Jompy are determined the device makes a difference across Africa and the developing world.


The Jompy water boiler is a simple, easy to use device that allows the user to cook and boil water simultaneously, so saving on fuel and time spent over an open fire. The Jompy will pasturise contaminated water reducing the chance of water borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera. UNICEF published that these diseases kill an estimated 1.5 million children a year. The jompy is an excellent solution in preventing these diseases that occur just from consuming contaminated water.

Glasgow University Proves the Jompy Claim

The Jompy water heater was used in Kandago community in the district of Kabale in Uganda; this community was recommended by Tearfund UK and Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programmes (KDWSP).

The main goal of the research was to test the water produced by the Jompy. This was done by stipulating the key faecal indicator organism E. coli as the primary indicator for pathogens. WHO (2006) set an objective of zero E. coli per 100 ml of water for all water supplies. All water samples from the Jompy were found to have zero colonies of E. coli per 100ml regardless of the quality of the source! These results show that water sources with different levels of faecal contamination can be converted into bacteriologically safe drinking water by the Jompy.

These results were further supported by the findings of a health survey. 99 families in Kandago community were interviewed; 49 of them were given a Jompy over the three month test period and only one case of a water-borne disease (typhoid fever) was reported by them. The 50 families without a Jompy reported several cases of water-borne diseases.

Researcher Lena Hiltrop handing over on of the Jompies in Kandago community, Kabale (October 2011)

The Jompy was also found to improve indoor air conditions; as less fuel is burnt because you are cooking and heating water at the same time, less smoke is produced and less time is spent in the smoke. Therefore, as well as producing hot, clean water for drinking, bathing, and washing, and reducing water-borne diseases, it also improves indoor air quality and thereby reduces respiratory and eye problems as well as coughs. The interviews showed clearly that those families using the Jompy reported fewer diseases.

Further benefits identified found were:

  • 3 kg of fire wood was saved daily;
  • 3.6 hours of time was saved due to a shorter cooking period and less time spent sourcing the fire wood;
  • a monetary saving for those who purchase their fire wood because less fire wood is required when using a Jompy!

It is recommended that the Celsius Solar Jompy water heater is used in other communities to improve health; at the same time it will be tackling climate change by saving fuel and carbon emissions, and thereby be contributing to the sustainable development of the country.



Product Spec

Weighing just 605 grams and measuring 29 cm across, the Large Jompy is ideal for groups or families. It produces 1 litre of steaming hot water every 45 seconds.





The Jompy is metal tubing coiled to make a flat disc. This design creates a large heat conductive surface area through which more than a litre of water travels through at any one time.

So when placed on a heat source a large surface of water is subject to intense heat. The result, cold water in at one end hot bacteria free warm water at the other.


The Enviroment

Thanks to the speed at which it heats, each Jompy used in Africa 
will save a massive 2.6 tonnes of carbon per year.