Stoves and Open Fire -

Cooking with the Jompy


Choosing the best camping stoves depends on what type of outdoor leisure activity you are most likely to take part in. The camp stove can be small enough to fit on your pocket if you are a light camper, or could be an open fire if you are a scout troop leader, no matter what the use we have a Jompy to meet your requirement for instant hot water outdoors.


The cost of camping equipment can often be a trade off between weight, bulk and cost. When the jompy is in included you can add speed and convenience to your decision-making.


When the Jompy is placed on a heat source, weather that is an open fire or any type of camping gas stoves, the result is almost instant hot water.


While some cheap camping stoves will produce poor heat and may take a little longer, but using the Jopmy is still far quicker than a Kelly Kettle quality.


You will find that branded stoves such as Coleman camping stoves, portable MSR pocket stoves, or Primus omnifuels stove, used in conjunction with the Jompy will start to produce hot water within a minute and produce around a litre of hot water every minute after that.


Including a Jompy in your kit, fishermen, anglers and kayakers now need not carry gallons of water along with their fishing stove. With the jompy you simply take the water from the river allow for a rolling boil and the Jompy will heat the water to above 80 degrees centigrade, the water is then pasturised and so kills all water borne bacteria.


Similarly, walkers, climbers, trailers and ramblers need simply attach their Camel or Platypus water container to the mini jompy (which is only 60 grams) place the Jompy on their light weight camping gas stove and they can quickly hydrate their food, drink up and be on their way.


The jompy comes in three sizes and weighs between 60 and 600 grams and is a simple robust solution that we think will be part of camping equipment for every one interested in the great outdoors.